Monday, 9 June 2008

Day 8 – Southport Rest Day 2 – Greenbank School and Queenscourt

What a great day, the sun was splitting the flags. Greenbank High School and then Queenscourt Hospice for a photo session and welcome. The afternoon was taken up with bouncing around those shops and companies that had sponsored us and taking promotional photos. The bike was fixed and new parts fitted, accommodation arranged for tomorrow and then home.

A top second rest day in our home location of Southport. Up and out and met at Mark’s for 0840 hrs. Bike was prepped and then we departed for Greenbank High School. We confimed that we had left a top in Newcastle – they will now send it through via postal courier. Top lads!

Greenbank School was superb, as we entered into the grounds approx 150 girls all let out a cheer as we came around he corner on our bike. They sat on a grassy embankment near the entrance. Mark delivered a verbal presentation to the gathered masses – the boy did well and after several questions we gave Mr Howgegow a ride about the grounds. Jonathan then delivered a BFPS radio interview over the phone although amusingly they described him as a former soldier; he had never been sacked over the phone before!

We then travelled to Queenscourt for a photo session and to meet all the staff. They were superb and funny being back again. The last time we were all last there was when our Dad was sadly dying. The welcome we got was fantastic. We met Anne, Dr Groves. Nickie and Brian as well as Dawn who nursed our dad in his final days. They fed us a mountain of toast and tea and juice. Tales were exchanged about our adventure so far and then we were waved off. Southport waited.

Southport town centre was very busy. We travelled down Eastbank Street and walked through Chapel Street before getting several promotional pictures outside Breens, Stockers, Anthony James and Brown&Turners. It was great to see Lyndsey, she looks fabulous for 7 months pregnant and provided a bit of class to our photographs. We pressed onto the Bold Hotel were we enjoyed a beer of two and a sandwich. We were befriended by some drunken fella and missus who eventually got so gobby we decided to leave. Jonathan met Linda and John (Joanne's family friends). Cycled back to Mark’s were Jonathan sorted out free accommodation at the Riverside Hotel in Kendal for tomorrow night. Bike was washed down, repaired with new cogs etc and then prepared for the big push north tomorrow.

Great day – gorgeous sun and free accommodation tomorrow in Kendal. Life is good or as the lads say…sweet!

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