Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sunday Morning Test Drive

What a day! The team met at 0830hrs although Alistair was still slightly worst for wear after a monster session last night. The 'beast' (The Bike) was woken from its slumber and taken out for a spin. It was a gorgeous morning - slight headwind and very bright, great conditions to see what the bike could do. Our aim was to cycle the 40 miles to Crosby and back.

We learnt a great deal - starting - stopping - changing gears and negotiating traffic lights. Wow does this machine shift. Costa Coffee in Crosby provided a suitable stop over and then we headed back via Formby Cycles. Those bike boys were impressed.

The day concluded with a PR walk about Southport were we met up with Joanne and Jonathan's kids (Edward, Bertie and Kitty). The rest of the time we handed out business cards and chatting to people about how mad we must be. Another top day but much learnt. 40 miles - sore bums!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Granada TV

TV now secured for the media launch! Following the publication of our press release yesterday Granada TV phoned to express their interest in covering the story. A presenter will interview the team on 3rd Apr and accommpany us on a training cycle along the Promenade. Delighted - must ensure we have the sponsorship banners in place.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Securing our Radio Media Partner

Our local radio station were interested in arranging a meeting. The team rode to Dune FM Radio Station (sadly minus Tony) who was unable to take time off work. The arrival was amusing - nearly crashed. Our JD Cycles toned bodies turned some heads...and created quite a gathering as Dune FM staff came out to see 'this bike' The meeting went well - detail to be arranged but Dune FM very keen to be formally involved. They have confirmed we will be on the Breakfast Show on the 3rd Apr and then follow up interviews as arranged. OK so we have the radio on some TV is required!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

The Eagle has Landed!

Excited is an understatement, Ali had driven to JD Cycles and with the bike broken into two, successfully brought it back to Southport. Ali phoned the team "Gentlemen [pause for effect] the Eagle has landed!" We were all delighted and quickly arranged to meet. It was longer than we could recall (no smutty comments please), but took us a good 20 mins to actually get used to the bike. We then spent the best part of approx 1 hour cycling around Southport. Heads turned. We quickly concluded that this was not going to be easy skill to master and has a turning cycle of a HGV! Nevertheless we were now off, our machine was home. In addition our bike appointments had been decided. Ali - No 1 Driver (at the front), Jonathan (No2) Navigation and provider of top banter, Tony (No3) and Mark (No4) hand signals informing Ali if the gears had changed between his legs! There was just a small issue of training but no doubt that could wait for another day!