Saturday, 31 May 2008

The final prep day!

The time is nearly upon us! With final preparations complete the support vehicle was packed and final adjustments made. In 12 hours time we will be on our way UK record here we come!

Final Day of Preparation

We are nearly there! Today the final stages of preparation were conducted. Bags packed, support vehicle packed - how did we fit it all in. By 2200 hrs the vehicle and equipment fully stowed away. Time for bed - we depart at 0800 hrs. No going back we go. Lets hope we clinch the UK this space...

The Final Day of Preparation

Well here we go. Our final day before the big attempt. Today we are packing the support vehicle that will take us to the start point - Land's End. We all still feel we have much to do and so little time. Accommodation booked in the YHA in Land's End and we set off tomorrow Sun 1st at 0830hrs. Guiness Book of Records have confirmed that this will be the UK/World first on a Quadracycle or quad-tandem. Last minute checks and then were off!